What is ozone ?

Ozone is a gas. Ozone is a three atoms molecule of oxygen. Generally is represented as O3.

Ozone was discovered at 1840 when Dr. Schonbein made electrolysis of water with one anode, at 1857 W. Siemens has invented the ozone tube based on electrical discharge. 

At the middle of 1873 Ozone was used at the first time as a disinfectant and finally in 1898 it was used at the first time in water treatment at Germany.

How is ozone produced ?

In the atmosphere, by lightning actuating on oxygen. Then, Oxygen (two atoms), is transformed in Ozone (three atoms).

Some Devices, (ozone Generators), produce  Ozone "on site", by using high voltage (corona effect), and transform oxygen into ozone, by adding an extra atom.Ozone is not stored or carried as chlorine. 

Other devices, produce Ozone by using UV (Ultra Violet)  systems, but they are not so effective as Generators.

 Ozone is a word who cames from Greek : Ozein = smell.

Ozone is the most powerful oxidant for water treatment, and disinfections process, specially for food and beverage Industry. It is environmental friend, and FDA (Food and Drugs Administration - USA), classifies Ozone as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe).  

What  are the dimensions for a Centurion Ozone Plant?

 It is a cabinet like one electrical panel that you will  screw to the wall using four screws and beside the Ozone Unit you will have one Oxygen Generator unit at similar size the weigh of the Ozone plant are 35 kg and the Oxygen unit 28 kg.

What are the requirements for installation? 

The unit operates with 127 V - 60 Hz and the pipes connections are made in PVC 1" we will assist you during the installation because the correct installation is the secret of the success and if you made a wrong installation you will not get all benefits of Ozone. We have the experience about 100 installations into Bottled Water industries from the small productions to the big ones (150.000/day - 5 gallon bottles)

Ozone will affect  the taste of my water?

If used correctly no. The correct dosage is essential for success as an example take the following:

Polycarbonate Bottles: 0.2...0.4 ppm

>0.5 ppm you will have taste problems (Ozone with the plastic)

>0.2 ppm disinfections are not ensured

PET Bottles: 0.2 ppm maximum

Higher that 0.2 ppm and you will have taste problems

In this case adjust the Unit for your process are one of the keys for success check the range of your Ozone Generator, can he achieve a wide range? Our unit can be adjusted from 5...100%. Note that some units have no range or just a small range 60...100 %. Take this into consideration.

I had heard that Ozone can produce some dangerous products?

This information is partially correct. Some Ozone plants produce Ozone directly from dried air. Note Air is a mixture of 21% Oxygen 78% Nitrogen and 1% other gases.

When the electrical discharge happens Ozone is produce in the presence of N2 . Ozone as a strong oxidant reacts with N2 and produce a by product called NOx this substance is suspicious to produce Cancer and in Europe Ozone plants that uses Air are being replaced.

Note that our plant uses Oxygen produced by the unit itself we just take out the N2 and no dangerous substances are produced, you will have a process 100% safe. Your unit uses dried air? Change it now...

What are the advantage by using Oxygen into the Generation process?

The most important was mentioned above but there are some other points into consideration  we will mention some of than:

1)Gas/Liquid mix are generally difficult to be made if you produce carbonated water you know what i mean. In this case our unit uses pure Oxygen (96%) and a more concentrated Ozone is produced (22%) compared with units that uses Air (21%). In this case less gas should be mixed to your water to add the same g/h of Ozone. As a final consequence you will find that a smaller Oxygen based Ozone Generator will do the same job that a bigger Air Ozone generator will do.

2)The final mixture of the more concentrated Ozone gas will react much faster with your target contaminants Gas bubbles have a higher efficient contact surface than low concentrated Ozone produced with air.

3)Air Dryers are always a problem and in some cases limit the Ambient Humidity up to 60%. Our units uses PSA technology to produce Oxygen. No Air dryers are needed. We can operate with humidity up to 90% and range of temperature from 40 F to 100 F.

Ozone are stronger than other disinfectants?

Yes. If compared with Chlorine ozone kills 99% of 60.000 coliforms/ml contaminated water in 2.8 seconds with 0.1 ppm dosage with the same dosage chlorine needs  15.000 seconds. If we talk about bottle washing machines we talk about what we call surface disinfections. The contact time trough the rinsers are really small you need a fast disinfectant. OZONE is the answer. Ozone spectrum of action are specially wide even in low concentrations Ozone is lethal against Bacteria's, Spores, Viruses ,Algae and some Fungi.

At the end Ozone came back to his original form Oxygen (Ozone is one unstable molecule)  and it means disappear the lifetime of Ozone as gas is about 30 minutes.  

How much it will cost?

What are the value of your Brand? We know that to build up a name and get costumers confidence are a hard and long process but loosing that is very easy. Why taking that risk using other disinfectants that don't do the job or let as a gift dangerous by products as THM .  Ozone are the product that will enhance the quality of your product and you will  be also protecting the environment.

The Ozone was a recognized technology  since years, but the cost of this technology was a wall to make it  more popular. Now with the development of new methods of production the cost of the Ozone plants is really accessible for several applications. We also offer the rental possibility.  Now you don't have excuses. Change for Ozone now and start feeling the difference.