Do you have questions about Ozone?

What is ozone ?

Ozone is a gas. Ozone is a three atoms molecule of oxygen. Generally is represented as O3.

How is ozone produced ?

In the atmosphere, by lightning's actuating on oxygen. Then, Oxygen (two atoms), is transformed in Ozone (three atoms).

Some Devices, (ozone Generators), produce  Ozone "on site", by using high voltage (corona effect), and transform oxygen into ozone, by adding an extra atom. Ozone is not stored or carried as chlorine. 

Other devices, produce Ozone by using UV (Ultra Violet)  systems, but they are not so effective as Generators.

 Ozone is a word who cames from Greek : Ozein = smell.

Ozone is the most powerful oxidant for water treatment, and disinfections process, specially for food and beverage Industry. It is environmental friend, and FDA (Food and Drugs Administration - USA), classifies Ozone as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe).  

 What are the Industrial Processes we may use ozone, instead Chlorine, getting bigger advantages ?

Poultry = Since the feather extraction, to the chiller, the water may have ozone, to avoid contamination. As results, we have an healthy product, the life time reaches four times the average obtained if chlorine was used. Weight increases 2%.

Bottle Washing = Despite high speed washing bottles equipments, Ozone added to the water, at the spray balls, is able to bring  lethal effect for bacteria's within only three seconds. The internal bottle surface, becomes clean from germs, in order to receive the products (beverage, milk, etc.).

Mineral Water / Bottled Water = Sometimes "algae" is a problem for bottled water, mainly if exposed to the sunlight. Ozone added on pipes who came from source / wells, before the storage tank, oxidize germs and algae". Iron and Manganese are also oxide at this moment. Filters (Polypropylene), will retain the organics and also Iron and Manganese oxides. Sometimes, oxidate Manganese appears as Permanganate (violet color in the water), thus an extra filter (Activated Carbon), may be installed.



Green Salad = Ozone must be added, in several steps of the process, since the ground (or hidroponia), at the green houses, to the final packing process. As a result, the life time increases and less effects on fibers will occur. If chlorine is used, you will spend more time to do it, considering Ozone is 30 x faster. Then by using Ozone, smaller tanks are needed.

Fish Industry = No other disinfectant will assure the spectrum of protection that Ozone does and no other will be Environmentally safe. The final microbiological analysis will make you surprised!!!

Cooling Towers = Why spend your money on expensive chemicals (biocides, algaecides), just plug the Ozone plant and start saving money

Recycling Industrial Water = This is the future. Every year the water resources becomes more expansive. Using Ozone you will have a high quality water that can be used by your process once more. The Rhone Poulanc Brazil (Factory Santo Andre) are recycling about 150.000 l/h using Ozone technology. Became another Environmental Friend too.

How much it will cost?

What are the value of your Brand? We now that to build up a name and get costumers confidence are a hard and long process but to loose that is very easy. Why taking that risk using other disinfectants that don't do the job or let as a gift dangerous by products as THM .  Ozone are the product that will enhance the quality of your product and you will  be also protecting the environment.

The Ozone was a recognized technology since years, but the cost of this technology was a wall to make it became more popular. Now with the development of new methods of production the cost of the Ozone plants are really accessible for several applications. We also offer the possibility for rental.  Now you don't have excuses. Change for Ozone now and start feeling the difference.

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